Home of the Gerudo People, it has loosened its security in the recent years due to their independence and peace with the Hylian Royal Family. While men are not allowed within the fortress walls, women of any race are welcomed to visit their very popular market or take combat/defense classes.
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At the very edge of the desert, guarded by a terrible, never ending sandstorm, the Spirit Temple sits and lays dormant. Those who try to enter may find themselves swept away by the storm if they are not careful. You may not enter unless you possess lens of truth so that the spirits may guide you. If you manage to make your way through the temple alive, the spirit sage may welcome and bless you.
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The Arbiter's Grounds was a prison built to house the most ruthless criminals while they awaited trial, execution, or exile to the nether realm of the Twilight. The Mirror Chamber, home of an ancient relic known as the Mirror of Twilight, stands atop the ruins of Arbiter's Grounds, where the sacred council of the Sages presided over the cursed grounds, conducting trials and executions of convicted criminals. It is now used as a base for Midna's Resistance.
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Gerudo Desert

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